A New Baby Means New Projects on the Needles

There’s nothing like a new baby in the family to stir things up. It affects everything, including knitting, and puts new ideas into one’s head and on the needles.

When I found out last summer that my daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild, of course all I could think about was all the cute baby things I could knit.
And since they live in the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest, warm, knitted baby items would actually be put to good use.

As my daughter’s belly got bigger and the nesting instinct grew, she wanted a knitting project of her own. I suggested knitting a baby cocoon, something I had never made myself. She found an easy pattern online, some soft, colorful yarn, and went to work.

The little green cocoon was taken to the hospital in March and put to good use after Liam was born. Dominique got so many compliments on it every time she took him out in public, I decided to knit one myself.

Liam, one week old, in the green cocoon

Once I made the first one, I had to make more (kind of like when I went OCD on the bamboo silk scarves last spring). The ideas started flowing. I made a few in an acrylic/wool blend, then decided to make a few in cotton. I don’t have much experience with cotton, but I’m hooked. It’s my new favorite yarn fiber this year.

Liam, at 3 months, in the first cotton cocoon

So, inspired by my grandson, I’ve added baby cocoons to the collection this year. I’ve also knitted some baby blankets, which will be listed soon. Who knows what else he’ll inspire me to make in the future?